Daniela Jurisic


Date of birth 23 June, 1959
1979 - 1997


Bachelor of Arts with Honors, University of Wisconsin in Madison in German Literature, 1979.

Doctor of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1985.

Specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1989.

Fellowship, Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1990.

Board Certification with the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 1991.

Doctor of Medicine, with honors, University of Pavia, 1993

Specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Pavia, 1997.

Honor Societies

Phi Beta Kappa

Professional Societies

Member American Academy of PM&R

1990 to present date


Attending Physician, Rehabilitation Services,  Veteran's Administration Medical Center (VAMC) a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1990-1992, acting chief, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 1992.

Assistant Clinical Professor, MCW, Milwaukee, 1990-1992, 2007 to present date.

Director of Prosthetics and Orthotics Clinic  VAMC, 1990-1992.

Consulting Physiatrist to the Pain Clinic and the Occupational Medicine Clinic  of the Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, 1993-2003.

Consulting Physiatrist, Italian Association of Multiple Sclerosis in Brescia, from 2000 to 2008.

Consulting Physiatrist for the “Don Orione” (Fumo, PV) stepdown rehabilitation unit, 2002-2003.

Medical Director, Occupational Rehabilitation, Fondazione Clinica del Lavoro "S.Maugeri", Pavia, from September 2003 to  May 2004.


Integrative Medicine and Physiatric consultant for the Pediatric Rheumatology Clinic, Policlinico Cà Grande IRCCS, Milano, 2012-2015.


Medical Director of Rehabilitation for the clinics for Active Integrative Medicine Associates in Milano and Pavia, from May 2004 to current date


Clinical rotation director for international rotation in rehabilitation medicine, in liaison with the Medical College of Wisconsin, from 2009, ongoing to present, hosting 2 physiatric residents annually.


Italian liaison physician and clinical rotation director for  Global Health Program, Medical College of Wisconsin, 2010 to present time, hosting 1-2 American medical students for clinical rotations, annually.


Adjunct Professor of “Ergonomics for Performing Artists” at the Musical  Conservatory “Vittadini”, in Pavia, Italy, 2007 to 2010.


Founder and Vice-President of the Association for Active Integrative Medicine (AIM), from 2008 to 2012.


President and co-founder of “Traditional/transcultural Body”; an association for the study of and practice of health-oriented movement from various cultural traditions, 2014, ongoing.


Founder and Director of the summer campus in Avigliana for Stress-Related problems of Musicians, 2009 and 2010.



Consultant to “Ami” in Aosta, Italy for teaching the staff  integrative medicine (Ambulatorio di Medicina Integrata per la Salute della Donna: a clinic funded by the region of Aosta for integrative treatment, such as acupuncture and nonpharmacologic treatment of pain, in painful disorders specific to women; pregnancy, puerpuerium, menstrual pain, menopause) 2009 to 2012.


Vice president and physician in charge, for KFM school of “discipline orientali”, (kung fu, tai chi and studies of traditional chinese martial arts), from 2012-2014.


Consulting physician for Harmonia Mundi Association for Yoga education and treatment of pain, scoliosis in adolescence, and stress disorders, from 2005, ongoing.


Consulting physician for Iyengar Yoga School, Milano, from 2016, ongoing


Medical Director for the integration of medical  studies for health, with IWA (International Wang Academy)  an international  school of tai chi, qi gong and neigong tui na based in Lugano, Switzerland. 2013-2016

Areas of interest

Musculoskeletal Medicine, Mild Brain Injury, Scoliosis management,

Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Sports

Medicine, Chronic Pain Rehabilitation, Spinal Wellness and Posturology, Integrative Medicine, Salutogenesis in Medicine Martial Arts:  (black belt, karate) tai chi, yoga, qi gong, tui na,  1998 to present time


English, Italian, German, Croatian (fluent)

French (fluent in reading, working knowledge in speaking)


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  • Jurisic D (2014 to present, ongoing): BASIC health seminars: (Body as a Source of Identification and Coherence for Health). A course to stimulate salutogenesis, given to patients, teachers of yoga, tai chi, Feldenkrais, physical therapists and medical practitioners.


  • Jurisic D (2016) (course director) : “Valutazione Articolare del Rachide” con Colombo I, DO (osteopathic and integrative evaluation of the spine).


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  • Jurisic D (2013) Integrated movement strategies for stress-related musculoskeletal pain. 10 month weekly program for diminishing stress. Implemented in Milano, Italy to a group of 15 participants.


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CME*/ECM lectures

  • Jurisic D (2017) La “presa in carico del malato”: uno, nessuno centomila (taking care of the patient; one, no one, anyone”) in “Il paziente al centro, strategie di successo, strategie di convivenza”, 2°national congress AINPU (national italian association for pudendal neuropathies), Pordenone, Italy


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  • Jurisic D. (2013) Tui na and integrated medicine: the scientific basis. Grand rounds presentation, Medical College of Wisconsin


  • Jurisic, D, director. (2012, ongoing. 3 year certified course ). Chinese therapeutic medical massage, for treatment of acute and chronic pain disorders, from an integrative medicine perspective. (Through the Policlinico Cà Grande di Milano. Course for physical therapists, doctors, nurses, and parents of children with acute and chronic non oncologic pain)


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